About Us

VFX Body is a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle website that specializes in helping women reach their weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Our diet and exercise programs are designed to help women from any walk of life reach their weight loss and fitness goals safely and naturally without any pills, powders or potions.

The VFX BODY system itself is copyright of Adonis Lifestyle which is a health and fitness publishing company. Adonis Lifestyle specializes in researching, developing, and distributing digital health, fitness and lifestyle products and programs with a focus on healthy weight loss and lifestyle modification.

VFX BODY is Adonis Lifestyle's flagship weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for women with customers in over 150 countries and growing. Adonis Lifestyle leverages the expertise of a team of expert trainers, nutritionists and fitness coaches to develop highly effective and enjoyable programs. Our global customer base gives us unique demographic research capabilities to direct our program design and production along with turn key marketing and sales promotions.

The goal of Adonis Lifestyle is to further our position as a leader in providing successful and popular fitness and lifestyle information products and programs. We aim to achieve this with consistent development and product innovation that produces satisfied customers while helping them live happier, healthier lives.